Complaint Statistics

You will see by the information shown in the first five reports that we no longer do inquiries as a complaint type. We have made this change because of tracking and gathering information problems. You will notice an increase in complaints for this reason.

Report, Page 1
Table showing number of complaints received by the Division of Public Utilities by type of complaint (24 types). Data shown includes current month and percent difference from the average of the previous 12 months. Data is broken down by PacifiCorp, Questar Gas, Qwest, Comcast and "All Other" utilities.

Report, Page 2
Two graphs of the number of complaints received by the Division of Public Utilities.
Number over recent years (2015 through 2021)
Number over last 12 months

Report, Page 3 and Report, Page 4
Twenty four graphs (12 graphs per page. One graph for each type of complaint) showing the number of complaints over recent years (2015 through 2021)

Report, Page 5
Summary of complaints against utilities other than PacifiCorp, Questar Gas, Qwest and Comcast. This summary Excludes Slamming and Cramming.

Report, Page 6
Summary of Slamming and Cramming complaints. This data began being separated out for this report starting in July 1998. Prior to this date, slamming complaints were referred to the FCC and cramming complaints were included in billing categories.